About Justin Chin


Justin Chin – Proprietor

Justin’s journey to becoming a wine connoisseur is quite unique. A native of San Francisco, he joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and served on multiple combat deployments in Iraq.

While in the Marines, Justin learned the importance of health and fitness, but also the value of honor, discipline, dedication and committing 100% to his beliefs. These are values he has taken with him into all of his endeavors.

After leaving the military, Justin parlayed his love of fitness into a career as a personal trainer. True to form, he excelled in this role, becoming a U.S. Olympic Team Fitness Ambassador in 2008 and later opened his own gym. This gym just happened to be within walking distance of some of the best restaurants in the nation.

Many of his clients were affiliated with those restaurants, and in between squats and bench presses, they would chat about food and wine.
The spark was lit. The many fine and rare wines his clients introduced Justin to ignited a passion within him, and just has he had before, Justin went at it with gusto.

In only three years, Justin has gone from wine novice to Certified Sommelier, wine consultant and wine maker. He is on staff at Restaurant Gary Danko where he is able to immerse himself in fine food and wine among mentors and peers; which continues to fuel his passion and appreciation for wine. Justin is currently preparing for the Advanced Sommelier Exam.